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Who is the Emerald Point Homeowners Association management company and how do I contact them?
Kuester Management Group
PO Box 3340
Fort Mill, SC 29716

If I'm not sure how much my monthly homeowner's dues are, who do I call?
Assessment amounts vary based upon the size of the unit and location, please contact the management company for specific dues amounts.

Where do I send my monthly homeowner's dues payment?
Emerald Point HOA
C/O Kuester Management Group
PO Box 998
Commerce, GA 30529

When are monthly homeowner's dues due?
1st of each month--late if not received by Kuester Management Group by the 15th of the month.  Otherwise, add 10% late fee.

How are my monthly homeowner's dues allocated?
Landscaping, pool maintenance, water/sewer, tennis court maintenance, common area maintenance, exterior repairs, reserve fund.

How do Emerald Point monthly homeowner's dues compare to other condo associations?
Emerald Point is a waterfront community. As a result, Emerald Point's expenses are somewhat higher than communities that do not have Emerald Point's waterfront location.

If I don't have a boat slip how do I get one?

Boat slip owners often have their slips for sale or rent. The slips that are available will likely appear on this site under on the bulletin board You might also advertise that you are seeking a slip on the web site.

Can I rent my boat slip to someone else?
Yes, but only to other Emerald Point owners.

I've never been late with a monthly homeowner's dues payment. Can my late fee be waived?
If you're late then you can submit an appeal to the Board listing the reasons for the late payment and the board can make the decision whether your late fee should or should not be waived.

Can I grill on my patio?
No. Not only is it against the community policies but it's also a violation of Charlotte Fire Code. You must be at least 15 feet away from the building. This also means you can't store a gas grill on your deck for fear of combustions.

What do I do if I have a repair issue?
Ccontact the communities' property manager Mike through the management company at 888-757-3376 or register on their website.

I had an item repaired at my expense but would like to be reimbursed by the HOA, how do I handle this?
Generally all repair requests must go through the management company in order for the association to cover the expense if it is an association responsibility. However, in the rare occasion that there may be an emergency and a homeowner covers the expense, a detailed invoice of the services rendered and proof of payment will need to be submitted to the management company.

What are the paint colors?
We are in the process of repainting the buildings, will be updated when all buildings are finished.

Can I plant my own flowers around my unit?
Under some conditions, individual owners are allowed to personalize their units. Please contact the management company before beginning any work.

Does it matter where I place my satellite dish?
Yes, there are specific restrictions regarding the location of satellite dishes for reasons of safety and attractiveness of the property. Please contact the management company for a copy of the policy regarding this matter.

How many cars can I park at my condo?
Each unit is assigned two parking spaces; one reserved space in front of the unit and one in the general parking areas.

Can I store my classic car at Emerald Point?
Emerald Point does not classify cars with regard to parking regulations. However, cars must be road worthy and be in compliance with all laws and regulations (i.e. up to date registration and inspection, etc.). Cars found not to in compliance will be tagged and towed in 72 hours at the owner's expense.

Are their any special regulations regarding boats or use of the marina?
Yes. Rules regarding boats are much the same as specified regarding cars. Regulations on boats, slips and related matters are defined in the Emerald Point Boat Slip Agreement. This document is available from the management association.

How often should my chimney be cleaned?
The rule of thumb is to have a chimney cleaned when it has 1/2" or more of build up. Not knowing how long that would take we suggest yearly.

What if my question isn't answered on this page?
Please feel free to contact Kuester Management Group at 888-600-5044 or e-mail support@kuester.com with any question that you might have.


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