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If you are a homeowner of Emerald Point, go to the website of our management company Kuester Management Group and register by clicking on the Login Link in the upper right corner. You can read all the latest news on our neighborhood.


Emerald Point Condominiums is governed by the Emerald Point Homeowners Association. The Board of Directors for the Homeowners Association is elected annually at the Association's Annual Meeting, usually held in the Fall of the year. The board is responsible for policy making, budget formulation and management and oversight of the management company's execution of the board's decisions.

The 2018 Board of Directors consists of:

John McGonigle, President
Jeff Delp,Vice-President
Jim Kick, Secretary
Jean Dunham, Treasurer
Dan McCloskey, Dockmaster

In addition to a board member's specific responsibilities, they may also be assigned specific committee responsibility to facilitate specific tasks or projects (i.e. marina, landscaping, etc.).

You may write to any of our board members in care of our management company:

Kuester Management Group
Att.Tiffany Pettinato - Phillips
PO Box 3340
Fort Mill, SC 29716

or email to: support@kuester.com




The bylaws governing Emerald Point Condominiums is the "Declaration of Condominium for Emerald Point Condominiums". This document was documented with the Mecklenburg County Register of Deeds on October 16, 1985 and is a matter of public record.

The bylaws can be accessed by clicking on the BYLAWS picture above.  The combination of the bylaws and policies and regulations are intended to embody the Covenants and Restrictions associated with home ownership at Emerald Point.

These bylaws, rules and regulations are intended to protect the property values of the community's homeowners as well as their enjoyment of their property and facilities. Rules and regulations are strictly enforced. Bylaws, policies and regulations may be changed by the Board or by vote of the Homeowners Associations as specified in the bylaws and as required.

The following are policies and regulations which go along with the Bylaws. 

Satellite Dish Policy

     1.   Satellite Dishes can not exceed 18 in diameter.

2.   The dish is to be attached to the steel support column on the rear deck.

3.   The top edge of the dish is to be no more than 48 above the surface of the deck.

4.   The dish cable is to be run up the steel column to the wood beams of the above deck (the above overhang for top floor installations).

5.   Run the cable along the beam towards the outside storage closet, drill a hole at the top of the storage closet arid run the cable through the hole into the storage closet.

6.   From inside the storage closet drill a hole through the wall into the unit.

 The above procedures are the only approved method of installing satellite dishes at Emerald Point. The Homeowners Association will remove any satellite dish installation that does not meet the above standards and any cost for such removal will be billed to the homeowner.

 Other important policies

Structural Changes:

      1.  Any structural changes must be approved by the Homeowners Association. Contact Cusick Community Management, prior to beginning work, for approval.


1.   All patios, balconies and walkways must be kept free of trash, clutter and laundry.

2.   All fire logs, ELECTRIC-grills, bicycles, etc. must be stored on patios or balconies at the rear only. NO ITEMS ARE PERMITTED TO BE STORED IN THE FRONT ENTRYWAYS.


1.    Unit owners may park ONE VEHICLE ONLY directly in front of their building in their assigned space. Additional vehicles must be parked in available spaces not directly in front of a building.

2.    BOAT TRAILERS may not be stored in the parking lots.

3.    UNREGISTERED AUTOMOBILES may not be stored in the parking lots.


1.    Pets must be on a leash and under control at all times.

2.    In compliance with city ordinance #1419, please REMOVE YOUR PET'S WASTE.

 Disturbing Noises and Nuisances:

1.    Musical instruments, stereos, etc. may not be played at high volume between 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM. Other times please keep the volume at a respectful level. Even moderate noise can be disturbing to the "quietness" of those sitting on their terraces enjoying the tranquility of the lake.

2.    No signs, ads or solicitations are permitted in or about the condominium community except for unit sales or leasing, which are only permitted to be placed in the window of unit being advertised.

 Fire Prevention:

      1. GAS AND CHARCOAL GRILLS ARE NOT PERMITTED. Electric grills may be used if a fire extinguisher is close by.


1.    The dumpsters are automatically emptied by one man trucks. The driver will NOT get out to pick up any garbage or oversized pieces. Do not leave anything lying next to the dumpsters.

2.    Break down empty cartons to leave room in the dumpsters.


1.    Water heaters should be replaced every three years to eliminate leaks.

2.    If your dryer takes longer than usual to dry you should have your vent inspected for a birds nest or other blockage.

3.    Chimneys should be cleaned when it has 1/2" or more of build-up. Not knowing how long that would take then they should be cleaned yearly.  



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